Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Spirit of Cultural Fusion

You can come up with lots of definitions for cultural fusion. The coming together of cultures. The blending. You can be opposed to it thinking the distinct qualities of various cultures are being lost to a homogenized less than the parts whole. Or, you can see those same distinct qualities being mixed in a gumbo to create something wonderful.

Cultural Fusion dot org is not about either of these although it can't help but be to some extent. It's about one world family of billions of distinct individuals and other living creatures being on the cutting edge of creation. Each life force participating in inventing the future. A Cultural Fusion that is not about the loss of distinctness - a Cultural Fusion that is the result of goals, aspirations and beliefs of each of those billions having a tangible effect on the reality of the whole.

Shakespeare said "All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players" - that is a profound concept. It is also only part of the equation. We are not just players subject to unknown upcoming scenes that we have to play like some grand improv "reacting" to what we discover in the script as we go along. NO. We are also the "writers" of our own parts and the "directors" of how each scene plays out. We draw other players developing similar plot lines into our scene so we can be the needed supporting players for each of our scripts.

Here's the rub. Everything that happens in your own personal adventure at the cutting edge of creation is something you created. You wrote the script before it happened. If everything is going great, it is easier to accept that concept. But since the road to "success" is not one with a destination - it is an evolution - you may find yourself playing scenes you are sure you never would have written for yourself. You did. You are.

Our "Cultural Fusion" is about how all the diversity and contrast within humanity is all about a grand and never ending evolution of manifestation. What is the purpose of your life? To become a skilled creator and use your innate power as the writer and director of your part in the play to move creation to a more joyful place. points to right now but it may well evolve beyond that because it is more than Music or Reggae.

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