Saturday, June 30, 2012

Electric Forest in Roxbury, Michigan

This weekend is a special treat - you can listen to a tasty chunk of the Electric Forest music festival including all THREE String Cheese Incidents...,267,423/The-String-Cheese-Incident-mp3-flac-download-Electric-Forest-2012.html
all for only $12.99 - awesome!!  Missed the pre-Cheese shows yesterday but watching and listening to The Incredible Stringdusters show now...NICE!   If you miss the webcast, you will probably be able to buy downloads or CD's of many of the shows at - but, don't miss the fun right now - get in on the webcast!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Stuff

Up-Loaded another great bunch of concerts this weekend.
There are all nice but here are my favorites:
JGB - 2007-06-15 - River Theater Guerneville, CA (find it under J at with special guest Steve Kimock on guitar
set one
d1t01 Melvin intro
d1t02 Second That Emotion
d1t03 banter etc.
d1t04 Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
d1t05 dead air etc.
d1t06 Money Honey
d1t07 dead air etc.
d1t08 Dear Prudence
d1t09 dead air etc.
d1t10 Let It Rock
d1t11 Mystery Train
 set two
d2t01 All Tore Up >
d2t02 That's What Love Will Make You Do
d2t03 dead air etc.
d2t04 Don't Let Go
d2t05 banter etc.
d2t06 Gomorrah >
d2t07 Brothers And Sisters
d2t08 Everybody Needs Somebody
d2t09 intros etc.

From Good Homes - Stanhope House 1998 (find it under listings starting with F at

Stanhope_House_ Stanhope_NJ_ 12_17_1998
 Disc 1: Dance a Hole Giving Tree Butterfly & the Tree Ride All Night WNTI-FM broadcast statement Everything Comes Together Bang That Drum Cold Mountain Decision Song 2nd Red Barn on the Right Kick It On Broken Road I only Want Disc 2: It's Hard to Find Where Songs Begin She's So Happy Girl From the North Country Away in the Manger Maybe We Will Into the Mystic Go Wild I am a Mess

 The last is a GREAT show by a band I was totally unaware of until I came across this show... find it under A at

  Acoustic Junction 1998-12-16 The Inferno Steamboat Springs, CO
 Set 1 ====== 1. Fisherman's Blues 2. Desire 3. Burden 4. Never Until Now 5. Think About It 6. East Side Now 7. Today We Sing The Blues 8. Do What You Do 9. Something 10. It's A Goodbye World 11. Guide My Boat 12. Oh Me, Oh My
 Set 2 ===== 1. Build A Road 2. Wooden Ships 3. High On A Mountain > 4. Where Is She Now 5. Penny For Your Thoughs 6. Bombay Bound 7. Time 8. Whereabouts Unknown 9. Poets > 10. Uncle Jed Encore ====== 11. Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie*
 * a capella Notes: Bass mix is come and go for the first song or two. A few pops are present in the drum mix during Desire.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Rasjohnmon Reggae Mix

Today I have been listening to a nice mix of Reggae by artists not normally know as Reggae musicians. The opening track was actually the first Reggae pop chart hit by Millie Small, a British artist. This is from a cassette tape in my mix collection and over the two sides you will recognize several big time artists who are clearly Reggae Music fans themselves and wanted to take a shot at a Reggae tune. Some of the tracks were pretty big hits as well. Eric Clapton's version of "I Shot The Sheriff" (a song written by Bob Marley) actually was important in taking Bob Marley's career to a global level. You'll find this mix at - here are the title listing to look for: RasJohnMon's PositiVibes Mix #12 - Part 1 RasJohnMon's PositiVibes Mix #12 - Part 2

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

McCartney Part Two

Just a reminder - you can find this show and a few hundred more at - had a bunch of requests for link to second half of this very nice Paul McCartney show in Washington, DC a couple of months before his 60th! Here it is McCartney in Washington, DC 2002 - Part Two Highly recommend: Good Evening New York City [2 CD + 1 DVD Combo]

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Paul!

Today is Paul McCartney's 70th Birthday - can you believe it?? Anyway, here is a GREAT show from 2002 in Washington, DC that we know you will enjoy... (find part two at Paul McCartney in Washington, DC

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Exodus 77 - Bob Marley

Today I want to point out a link to a video broadcast by the BBC that I don't believe is commercially available and well worth getting to see: Video Feature: Bob Marley & The Wailers - Exodus 77 It's on the Marley Feature page at - when you get there, a very nice recording of Bob Marley and The Wailers from 06/27/80 at Stadio San Siro - Milan, Italy will start playing - just stop the player before you launch the video. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Psychedelic 60's Revisited

Here's a really nice JAMMIN' show from the David Nelson Band - Dave was a founding member of The New Riders of The Purple Sage. In later years some of the shows have been great and some have been lacking - this is a great one, with Part Two the stand out! LIVE at Pirate Cove Find LOTS more at

Ziggy at Park West 2003 - Nice One!

This is my favorite of the many great Ziggy Marley shows in my collection: Park West, Chicago 2003 Don't forget to check out all the other great music available for FREE listening at and Practice seeing what you want in the people and circumstances around you and watch the world blossom before your eyes. Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want. Be happy, it's OK for everything to be alright!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Ziggy Marley Song

You can download a fresh copy of this song at (and a couple of others) but here's a link to stream "Can You Feel It" - a great new song by Ziggy Marley! Can You Feel It

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dave Matthews - Spirit - Sinead O'Connor

Some nice new additions to the archives of great non-commercially released recordings - The Dave Matthews Band is on their Summer Tour 2012 now - here's a show from last summer:
Dave Matthews Band - Lakeside - Chicago, IL - July 10, 2011 - Part One  Here's a link to a DVD of an official release - awesome show for any DMB fans out there!
Dave Matthews Band - The Central Park Concert
Next, one of my long time favorite bands - SPIRIT - featuring Randy California - not many live recordings of them floating around but here's one you should enjoy -
Spirit - the link to the show is below but this link will take you to Amazon and Spirit's first album - check it out! There were many classic albums that came out of L.A. in the 60's and this is certainly one of them. One of the greatest opening songs for a band's career has to be "Fresh Garbage". A "green" song that was about 35 years ahead of its time, no less. "Uncle Jack" has a vocal that really sticks with you for awhile. Then the "Mechanical World". Great vocals, great guitar from Randy California, moody and strange song. Typical Spirit. This song leads directly into a beautiful Randy piece entitled "Taurus". If it sounds vaguely like "Stairway to Heaven" it should considering that Led Zep toured with Spirit in 1968 (as the opening act!) and Page essentially ripped off the main chords. I prefer "Taurus" to "Stairway". The opening string section with the cello and flute is beautiful. The variety on the entire album is awesome. 
Spirit - My Father's Place - Roslyn, NY - October 31, 1975 - there is also a show from 1987 at

Finally, a show from another talented artist SinĂ©ad O'Connor - Paradise Theater - Boston, MA. - March 31, 1988
Here's a good sampler of Ms. O'Connor So Far: Best of Sinead O'Connor

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

More Beatles

Last week we started streaming Alternate Versions - Part Two (we didn't have the "Part Two" then because we didn't know their was a part one) - Well, Part One is now available to listen to at  I tend to think the Beatles got better and better but these earlier alternate versions are really nice.  If you are a Beatles fan, you will enjoy this.

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Really nice show... enjoy! Find it at under B
Effenaar Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Intro [00:44.07]
02. So Far From Me * [04:43.45]
03. Oh, The Glorious * [05:31.20]
04. The One Who Loves You The Most [08:15.46]
05. She's Mine [06:01.72]
06. Ain't Gonna Lose You [10:06.59]
07. All We Have [06:25.66]
08. San Francisco [04:19.20]
09. Darlin' Do Not Fear [05:26.71]
10. When You Feel It [06:45.53]
11. Frozen In Slow Motion [04:59.00]
12. Desert Sunrise [07:27.32]
13. Wrong About Me [05:14.42]
14. Ain't No Reason [04:09.47]
15. Follow Your Heart [05:34.52]
16. Make You Crazy [04:59.33]
17. Blessed [06:46.72]
18. I Can't Stop Thinking About You [05:25.34]
19. Heaven [04:34.07]

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Some Vital BEATLES Vibes

Added a bunch of Beatles stuff up at - the Let It Be sessions are audio tracks from cameras that were apparently running continuously in the studio - money was obviously no object since these were still the days of film.  As far as what is captured on the tapes, it's a reality show in the studio with the Beatles providing some interesting segments with a lot of chit-chat and repetition.  I doubt anyone is going to want to listen to all eight hours but see what you think and let us know if you find any particular highlights you think we should direct people to.

The other new Beatle vibes are ALL good.  The Whitology segments were probably a radio program like the stuff Westwood One did with interview snippets and alternate version and studio outtakes.  Quality is great.  Same goes for the "Alternate Versions" - somebody took a lot of time to compile this two part collection that covers a good stretch of the Beatles recording career.  Finally, the Acoustic Demos are very nice - recorded a George's house in Esher, England, this was obviously a time when the boys were all getting along well and having a nice time hanging out together working on some tunes.

I have the rooftop concert that was the last live performance and some of the early live performance which I will probably put up at some point but what we have up is some good listening!