Saturday, June 02, 2012

Some Vital BEATLES Vibes

Added a bunch of Beatles stuff up at - the Let It Be sessions are audio tracks from cameras that were apparently running continuously in the studio - money was obviously no object since these were still the days of film.  As far as what is captured on the tapes, it's a reality show in the studio with the Beatles providing some interesting segments with a lot of chit-chat and repetition.  I doubt anyone is going to want to listen to all eight hours but see what you think and let us know if you find any particular highlights you think we should direct people to.

The other new Beatle vibes are ALL good.  The Whitology segments were probably a radio program like the stuff Westwood One did with interview snippets and alternate version and studio outtakes.  Quality is great.  Same goes for the "Alternate Versions" - somebody took a lot of time to compile this two part collection that covers a good stretch of the Beatles recording career.  Finally, the Acoustic Demos are very nice - recorded a George's house in Esher, England, this was obviously a time when the boys were all getting along well and having a nice time hanging out together working on some tunes.

I have the rooftop concert that was the last live performance and some of the early live performance which I will probably put up at some point but what we have up is some good listening!

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