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Magic-Flight Device - Awesome Dude!

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No waste... more healthy...

Vaporization is an alternative to smoking. Rather than using a flame to burn the herb at about 900 degrees, which produces carcinogenic and toxic by-products, a vaporizer heats the material in a way that the active materials contained in the plant are extracted into a vapor. Operating at a much lower temperature, using a vaporizer result in no combustion eliminating 99.9% of harmful carcinogens that are normally present in smoke (Tar, Carbon Monoxide, etc). There is also NO second hand smoke, or irritating, harmful effects produced by using a vaporizer. The vapor produced from vaporizers is inhaled by the user through a tube or a balloon/bag. With no combustion to worry about vaporizers can be used in places where public bans have been issued against smoking. In addition, vaporizers can be a much more effective, healthy, safe way to administer medicinal herbs.

One of the most recent studies on the technique of vaporization and herbs by the University of California in San Francisco published in the Official Journal of the American Academy of Neurology examined the effectiveness of a vaporizer compared to using combustion with a flame. The results were astonishing with the effectiveness of the vaporization technique removing an unquantifiable amount of harmful toxins and carcinogens as well as using up to 60% less herb for the same effect as compared to using a flame. That goes to show you that a vaporizer will pay for itself in a very short time.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pot Compounds Inhibit Oral Cancers, Study Says

Syracuse, NY: The administration of the plant cannabinoids delta-8-THC and delta-9-THC inhibit cellular respiration and tumor growth in human oral cancer cells, according to preclinical trial data published in the June issue of the journal Pharmacology.

Investigators at the State University of New York (SUNY), Upstate Medical University in Syracuse assessed the anticancer properties of delta-8-THC and delta-9-THC in the human oral cancer cell line Tu183, which is highly resistant to conventional anticancer drugs.

Researchers reported that the administration of THC resulted in a "rapid decline" in cellular respiration in malignant cells. By contrast, investigators found that the administration of the endogenous cannabinoid anandamide was "ineffective" as an anticancer agent.

"These results show the cannabinoids are potent inhibitors of Tu183 cellular respiration and are toxic to this highly malignant tumor," researchers concluded.

Last year, investigators from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island reported that the moderate long-term use of marijuana in humans "was associated with a significantly reduced risk of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma."
A 2008 scientific review published in the journal Cancer Research previously reported that cannabinoids inhibit the proliferation of a wide range of cancers, including brain cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lymphoma.

For more information, please contact Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director, at: paul@norml.org. Full text of the study, "Cannabinoids inhibit cellular respiration of human oral cancer cells," appears in the journal Pharmacology.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Response to Jason Rubin at MoveOn.org

Jason Ruben of MoveOn.org asked us for our thoughts on world around us today.  Here's JB's response:

Greetings Jason,

Thanks for the invitation to share some ideas.  First and foremost, I am disappointed in our government.  The Republicans have become the party of NO and the Democrats are with too few exceptions, weak and impotent legislators.  What happened to the great politicians taking up a cause and then using all of their oratory and political skill to SELL the idea to the American public – we can only reclaim greatness with a Dream and a Mission.  It is clear that energy independency and the phasing out of fossil fuels should be that mission.  It calls for the rebuilding of the country’s infrastructure with new technologies and hardware – this could create millions of jobs, products and services for us to export, help restore the ecology of the planet, reverse global warming – with some American ingenuity, it could solve all kinds of problems and build a better world where we live more in balance with nature and each other. 

To really get closer to some kind of utopia, we still need to find ways to end hate and conflict – I think the best thing for us to do to contribute to that is to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq – let them hire all the Blackwater Halliburton ops they want but get our US funded troops out NOW!  We should strictly limit our military adventures to UN run operations.  The use of the military should primarily be reserved for assisting in relief efforts and disaster recovery. 

While there are many secondary issues, one other area where a change in policy can have far ranging benefits is in drug policy.  We should decriminalize marijuana at the very least – regulate it, tax it – but eliminate the thugs and drug lords and the whole chain of decay that it creates.  If we did the same for cocaine and other popular but illegal drugs, think of the far ranging benefits – yes, you would have some new problems but you would put vast hordes of criminals out of business overnight, free up our courts and prisons that are clogged with drug offenders – most of whom never infringed on anyone else’s rights.  We would save vast amounts of money now wasted on an ineffective drug war, generate new tax revenue and we could spend money on education and treatment for people. 

Last is business and the economy.  Capitalism is a great system to build prosperity and provide a vehicle for personal achievement.  Rewarding innovators and hard workers and risk takers is crucial to building a better world.  The problem is that not everyone has integrity and a determination to strive to do nothing that will negatively affect others.  This is where regulation must come into effect – the rules of the game.  Sports have rules designed to protect players and fans – business needs the same.  There are plenty of rules now but some important rules that should have been in place were not.  Wall Street is always going to be a little like Las Vegas – it’s all about betting BUT, the house cannot be allowed to cheat the players.  So much of what happened in our recent financial meltdown was the result of the house outrightly deceiving and cheating the players – fixing the tables to distort the odds and then cashing in.  Big time cheating – more than the mob ever dreamed of in the old days of Las Vegas. 

This gets us back to our opening statements.  Disappointment in the government.  It seems we have very few people with the courage and principles to simply stand up for what they think is right.  The new Tea Party fringe will say anything because sensationalism is driving their bus but the established, respected government officials with far too few exceptions don’t seem willing to stand up for anything – they seem to think it is easier to get reelected by standing for nothing.  Sadly, to a lesser degree, the same can be said for our President.  What better time than with this oil disaster in the Gulf is there going to be to rally the American people around a new energy policy – he addressed it in his speech the other night but not with near the amount of force he should have.  I think he has been doing a good job but I would like to see him really step up and DEMAND that things get done – use his office to sell the ideas to the American public and get everyone to write letters and call representatives and demand action.  I believe the American people are a smart group and that with an intelligent and ongoing appeal the time is right to take decisive action on all of these issues.  Let’s hope we have some leaders around with the courage and determination to make it happen.  That is what has made this country great BIG Dreams and determination to make them a reality.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Original Jews Came Out of Ethiopia


Some thoughts inspired by this video from Ras Henry:

Let me remind you that there is lots of historical and archeological evidence indicating that the original/original Jews came out of Black Africa, specifically what's today called Ethiopia.  Of course, when it comes to historical/archeological stuff going back thousands of years in this particular area (just south of Egypt) EVERY BODY/GROUP has their own interpretation...not a lotta objective fact or evidence.  The Rasta/Jewish connection extends back to the beginnings of Rastafarianism in the early 20th century, and the fastest growing Rasta sect calls themselves the 12th Tribe.  Israel airlifted almost 20,000 Ethiopian 'Jews' to the homeland about 15 years ago...remember?  There is NO OFFICIAL explanation within the official Jewish history about how such a large and organized and LONG-standing semitic culture could exist seemingly independent of all the known Jewish diasporas unless....unless....unless, like the likely path that 'modern man' took out of Africa (southern Ethiopia's Rift Valley don't u know...) the Ethiopian Jews were the ORIGINATORS!  

But, things get confusing with this old history...Rasta's fervently believe that Moses and Abraham were BLACK...Steel Pulse sings a wonderful song called 'Not the King James Version' that 'correctly' interprets the Bible, and they find even more evidence of Jew=Black=Jew in the Old Testament.  Go figger...but I'm sorta convinced that almost anyone can find a basis for any far out claims about history, culture and religion and civilization itself IF they base these beliefs/facts on selective readings and interpretations of biblical sources.  Give Thanks & Praises, anyway..................
Ras Henry 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Montego Bay Community Embraces Reggae Sumfest 2010

Kingston, Jamaica:-Business interests are expecting this year’s Reggae Sumfest to bring a significant jolt to the Montego Bay economy, which should also extend to the wider Jamaica. It is being seen as a welcome ease to the current economic crunch and a catapult for more growth.
Each year, the world- renowned Festival draws thousands of overseas visitors into the city and its environs, and with this influx, there comes a remarkable upswing in commerce and its related benefits. Visitors have been known to travel from as far as Australia to attend the Festival, spending on Jamaican products liberally as they seek to enjoy every aspect of the Jamaican brand. From as far back as 2003, it was predicted that significant foreign exchange would flow into the island during the time of the festival. This year’s Festival should bring substantial benefits to a wide variety of business interests primarily in the second city, but extending to other areas of the island.

“We expect Reggae Sumfest to be a major contributor to the economic landscape for this year,” states Johnny Gourzong, Executive Director of Summerfest Productions, producers of Reggae Sumfest. “This Festival causes people to not just spend on it, but to spend in preparation for it, and in several other endeavours related to it, and this year should be no different.”

This reality has been duly noted by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce, which has over 200 members ranging from small family-run enterprises, to large scale businesses such as hotels and resorts. They all thrive from the boom in the various forms of trade which are direct spin-offs from the Festival, during a period that has traditionally been considered slow in that part of the island.
Data from the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce also indicate that villas, hotels, and guest houses become fully booked, restaurants, cook shops, and cafes get unprecedented patronage, clothing stores, beauty salons and countless other businesses get the spike in activity before, during, and even after the Festival. In addition, the benefits are not confined to the second city, but spread widely to the major towns across the island. The fashion industry is one example, as the clothing stores, the tailors, dressmakers and those that provide accessories get major orders to fill within the period.

With the line-up this year that includes American R&B star Chris Brown, international superstars Shaggy and Beenie Man, Jah Cure, Etana, Queen Ifrica and Mavado, the package again promises to be an excellent lineup, and the expected benefits to the country should follow.

Reggae Sumfest is the most celebrated and supported Reggae festival in Jamaica, and attracts the world’s leading musicians and performers. In its near 20 year history, the show has boasted a superb entertainment package, loaded with the best performances, food, music, and culture. This year’s Festival runs from July 22-24 at Catherine Hall, St James.

Red Stripe is back as the main sponsor of Reggae Sumfest, after a one-year hiatus. The brand now joins a growing list of sponsors which includes Digicel, Iberostar, JTB, and Wisynco, for the 18th staging of the country’s premier Reggae Festival.

For More Information Contact
Carlette DeLeon
Headline Entertainment

Jamaica :
8 Haughton Avenue, Kingston 10,
Jamaica WI
Tel: 876.469.4577,876.754.1526 ,
Fax: 876.906.3634
US :
221 South State Road 7, MB# 4237
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33317
Tel: 305.748.4602

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool Runnin Vibes on the Web!

New Jersey International Reggae Fest

Newark, NJ (Ms. RAINE INC.): With an illustrious history of bringing the biggest and brightest names from the islands to the Garden State for an unforgettable annual Caribbean festival, the New Jersey International Reggae Fest is celebrating their 10th Anniversary with an enormous colorful fete at the Edison Park Complex in Newark on Sunday, August 15th.  With a line-up that includes the best of classic Reggae, Dancehall, and Roots, the NJIRF 2010 promises to be another remarkable showcase of Caribbean music and cultural. 
Launched in 2000 in Newark, the New Jersey International Reggae Fest has earned a reputation for being the state's signature staging for Caribbean entertainment. Dancehall pop icon Sean Paul; Billboard Soca artist Kevin Lyttle and Soca King Machel Montano; Dancehall luminaries Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Capleton; and Reggae icons Beres Hammond, John Holt, and Barrington Levy are among the many stellar performances that the NJIRF has brought to the Garden State over the past decade. Last year's monumental staging at the Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium featured, among others, Platinum selling Hip Hop artists Fabolous and Rick Ross. The event draws approximately 10,000 people from up and down the eastern seaboard to Newark for an incident-free famiy fun-day that includes live music, authentic Caribbean cuisine, native arts and crafts, and a variety of cultural activities representative of the vast array of Caribbean nations. 
For this year's staging, NJIRF event producer G City Enterprise and sponsors RoadblockRadio.com, and Jeawin Entertainment, will take the Reggae Fest to the Edison Park Complex (located at the Prudential Arena). NJIRF 2010 features a line-up that includes Reggae's legendary singers Freddie McGregor and Cocoa Tea, internationally acclaimed Dancehall artist Cham (formerly Baby Cham), and Roots Reggae lions Tarrus Riley, Gramps Morgan, and Duane Stephenson. From McGregor's Big Ship Label super producer/artist Stephen McGregor, Chino, and Laden will also be among the endless list of talent from the various genres of Caribbean music that will commemorate the NJIRF's 10 year anniversary.
"This is a big milestone for the Reggae Fest," states New Jersey Reggae Fest founder, promoter, and producer Kacy 'G City' Rankine. "We started out in 2000 with a relatively small array of mainly local artists and performers. Over the past 10 years we have had the world's biggest Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, and Soca entertainers under the New Jersey Reggae Fest umbrella. This year, we are not only celebrating the past 10 years, but we are looking forward to what the next 10 years has in store."

The 10th Annual
New Jersey International Reggae Fest will be held on Sunday, August 15th at the Edison Park Complex (located at the Prudential Arena) - 162 Mulberry Street in Newark, NJ. Featured Acts include Cocoa Tea, Freddie McGregor, Cham, Duane Stephenson, Gramps Morgan, Stephen McGregor, Chino, and Laden. More Acts to be confirmed. Limited $39.99 early bird tickets are available until July 4th. General Admission is $54.99.  VIP tickets and special group discounts are also available. All tickets are available at www.roadblockradio.com  and local Caribbean outlets. For a full listing of ticket outlets, visit www.roadblockradio.com .

New Jersey International Reggae Fest 2010 is sponsored by
G City Enterprise, CCB International, Race Entertainment, BankyHype.com, RoadBlockRadio.com, Jeawin Entertainment, and Street Music Promotion.

For information regarding tickets and vending, contact G City Enterprise 973-573-8154 or visit www.roadblockradio.com
For media inquiries, contact Ms. RAINE INC. 347-492-3977 or media@msraineinc.com

Friday, June 11, 2010

Bob Marley in Concert 1980 - Dortmund, Germany - Pt. 9

Bob Marley & The Wailers LIVE in Concert

Bob Marley was a hero figure, in the classic mythological sense. His   departure from this planet came at a point when his vision of One World, One Love -- inspired by his belief in Rastafari -- was beginning to be heard and felt. The last Bob Marley and the Wailers tour in 1980 attracted the largest audiences at that time for any musical act in Europe.  The message and Spirit shall endure.

    Song List:  1. Natural Mystic 2. Positive Vibration 3. Revolution 4. I Shot the Sheriff 5. War/No More Trouble 6. No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley  7. Zion Train  8. Exodus 9. Could You Be Loved 10. Work 11. Natty Dread 12. Get up, Stand Up 13. Coming in from the Cold 14. Lively Up Yourself
    While this is an enjoyable show, it is certainly not the best Marley show available.  For an audio only release, the pick is definitely Live at the Roxy, Hollywood, California, May 26, 1976 - The Complete Concert.  For a video DVD release, it’s got to be The Legend Live.

    Wednesday, June 09, 2010

    Washington, DC: Proposed Medical Marijuana Sales Tax Plan Could Yield $400,000 For City

    Washington, DC: Members of the DC City Council are anticipated to vote on a proposal to impose a six percent sales tax on cannabis sold at city-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.

    The District of Columbia's top financial officer estimates that the new tax could raise over $400,000 in funding over five years. Total tax revenue could be much higher depending on how many District patients register with the city to use cannabis medicinally.

    In May, District lawmakers unanimously passed legislation calling on DC Health Department officials to oversee the creation of up to five facilities to dispense medical cannabis to authorized patients. Under the plan, patients with qualified illnesses and a recommendation from their physician will be able to possess and purchase medical cannabis from authorized dispensaries.

    Patients are not allowed to engage in the home cultivation of marijuana under the DC plan.
    City council members are scheduled to vote on the proposed sales tax measure on Tuesday, June 15.

    For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director, or Keith Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel, at (202) 483-5500.

    Saturday, June 05, 2010

    Caribbean Music Festival in NYC

    If you're going to be in NYC, don't miss this year's Caribbean Music Festival in New York. This Free Concert Series starts Thursday June 10 and will feature a free concert every Thursday until July 8th.

    Wednesday, June 02, 2010

    Petition to L.A. Clubs and Venues!

    Greetings brothers and sisters,

    Have any of you noticed that it is very difficult to find live conscious music in L.A. these days? Give thanks that Steel Pulse makes regular visits, but what about Burning Spear, Israel Vibrations, The Congos, Pablo Moses, or Ras Michael and the sons of Negus who lives right here in L.A.? It’s not that they don’t have fans here, or that they don’t like playing in L.A., we just have to demand it.

    There is a reggae group out there that has revived Bob Marley’s messages of one (universal) love, equality, and social responsibility with a funky reggae/jazz fusion sound. This group of technically trained brothers and sisters call themselves “Groundation”. Groundation" comes from the Rasta term "Grounation” which are gatherings based on using music to attain common vibration, with the focus on manifesting positive energy to effect social change. Groundation embodies the 21st Century version of this ideal.

    The group is from Sonoma in Northern California and has been performing for ten years with much love from Europe, and very little from the southern half of it’s own state. This is a true example of a man is not honored in his own town. Is SoCal so devoid of consciousness that we can only appreciate rumpshakin music? I don’t believe so. I do, however, believe that many of us have resolved to talk and not take action. Trust me, if you see this group live, there is no way you will be able to stand still, and you will leave uplifted, enlightened, and motivated to change the world.  I have added links from their site www.groundation.com with mp3 samples of their music. And before you ask, no, I am NOT on their payroll.

    I'm sure most would agree that Los Angeles is a place that needs conscious music desperately. Our youth are under the spell of mindless nonsense "sung" over sampled tracks that promote sex, violence, and promiscuity. They don't know their history, have no pride in their heritage, and are virtually unconscious. The sad thing is, their parents are listening to the same music

    It is up to us to guide the youth. I believe a good start would be demanding more venues and festivals provide conscious artists. I have created a petition that I will pass on to the promoters of these events to show that L.A. has a conscious and a desire for conscious artists. The first artist I would like to start with is Groundation. Please support conscious music by following the link below and signing my petition. The children are depending on you. And remember, a closed mouth never gets fed. Give thanks.

    Don't talk about it, be about it.

    Tuesday, June 01, 2010

    Tag! Your There!

    Here's a bet for a next BIG thing and one that will probably stick around as we go MOBILE more and more.  Last week Microsoft put out the first release version of their new TagReader app for mobile devices.  Read all about it:  http://tag.microsoft.com/consumer/index.aspx 

    It's easy to use.  Download the free Microsoft TagReader app to your mobile phone by going to http://gettag.mobi on the phone.  Once the Microsoft TagReader is downloaded and installed on your phone, open the app.  Click the SCAN button and TagReader will open your phone's camera.  Center a TAG in your viewfinder and take a picture (try and get a nice clear image).  Once you take the picture, TagReader will decode the TAG, open your phone's Internet browser and take you to the designated web location. 

    We put up a short list of tags at http://Tag-Guide.com 

    After you SCAN a TAG, it will be stored in the HISTORY of your TagReader.  To open the link anytime, just open TagReader and click on the main screen instead of the SCAN button - the Option window will open that includes HISTORY.  You can also right click on the TAG you want and print it to take with you.
    To get you started, take a tag to REGGAE Mobile.!