Friday, June 18, 2010

Response to Jason Rubin at

Jason Ruben of asked us for our thoughts on world around us today.  Here's JB's response:

Greetings Jason,

Thanks for the invitation to share some ideas.  First and foremost, I am disappointed in our government.  The Republicans have become the party of NO and the Democrats are with too few exceptions, weak and impotent legislators.  What happened to the great politicians taking up a cause and then using all of their oratory and political skill to SELL the idea to the American public – we can only reclaim greatness with a Dream and a Mission.  It is clear that energy independency and the phasing out of fossil fuels should be that mission.  It calls for the rebuilding of the country’s infrastructure with new technologies and hardware – this could create millions of jobs, products and services for us to export, help restore the ecology of the planet, reverse global warming – with some American ingenuity, it could solve all kinds of problems and build a better world where we live more in balance with nature and each other. 

To really get closer to some kind of utopia, we still need to find ways to end hate and conflict – I think the best thing for us to do to contribute to that is to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq – let them hire all the Blackwater Halliburton ops they want but get our US funded troops out NOW!  We should strictly limit our military adventures to UN run operations.  The use of the military should primarily be reserved for assisting in relief efforts and disaster recovery. 

While there are many secondary issues, one other area where a change in policy can have far ranging benefits is in drug policy.  We should decriminalize marijuana at the very least – regulate it, tax it – but eliminate the thugs and drug lords and the whole chain of decay that it creates.  If we did the same for cocaine and other popular but illegal drugs, think of the far ranging benefits – yes, you would have some new problems but you would put vast hordes of criminals out of business overnight, free up our courts and prisons that are clogged with drug offenders – most of whom never infringed on anyone else’s rights.  We would save vast amounts of money now wasted on an ineffective drug war, generate new tax revenue and we could spend money on education and treatment for people. 

Last is business and the economy.  Capitalism is a great system to build prosperity and provide a vehicle for personal achievement.  Rewarding innovators and hard workers and risk takers is crucial to building a better world.  The problem is that not everyone has integrity and a determination to strive to do nothing that will negatively affect others.  This is where regulation must come into effect – the rules of the game.  Sports have rules designed to protect players and fans – business needs the same.  There are plenty of rules now but some important rules that should have been in place were not.  Wall Street is always going to be a little like Las Vegas – it’s all about betting BUT, the house cannot be allowed to cheat the players.  So much of what happened in our recent financial meltdown was the result of the house outrightly deceiving and cheating the players – fixing the tables to distort the odds and then cashing in.  Big time cheating – more than the mob ever dreamed of in the old days of Las Vegas. 

This gets us back to our opening statements.  Disappointment in the government.  It seems we have very few people with the courage and principles to simply stand up for what they think is right.  The new Tea Party fringe will say anything because sensationalism is driving their bus but the established, respected government officials with far too few exceptions don’t seem willing to stand up for anything – they seem to think it is easier to get reelected by standing for nothing.  Sadly, to a lesser degree, the same can be said for our President.  What better time than with this oil disaster in the Gulf is there going to be to rally the American people around a new energy policy – he addressed it in his speech the other night but not with near the amount of force he should have.  I think he has been doing a good job but I would like to see him really step up and DEMAND that things get done – use his office to sell the ideas to the American public and get everyone to write letters and call representatives and demand action.  I believe the American people are a smart group and that with an intelligent and ongoing appeal the time is right to take decisive action on all of these issues.  Let’s hope we have some leaders around with the courage and determination to make it happen.  That is what has made this country great BIG Dreams and determination to make them a reality.

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