Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Original Jews Came Out of Ethiopia 

Some thoughts inspired by this video from Ras Henry:

Let me remind you that there is lots of historical and archeological evidence indicating that the original/original Jews came out of Black Africa, specifically what's today called Ethiopia.  Of course, when it comes to historical/archeological stuff going back thousands of years in this particular area (just south of Egypt) EVERY BODY/GROUP has their own interpretation...not a lotta objective fact or evidence.  The Rasta/Jewish connection extends back to the beginnings of Rastafarianism in the early 20th century, and the fastest growing Rasta sect calls themselves the 12th Tribe.  Israel airlifted almost 20,000 Ethiopian 'Jews' to the homeland about 15 years ago...remember?  There is NO OFFICIAL explanation within the official Jewish history about how such a large and organized and LONG-standing semitic culture could exist seemingly independent of all the known Jewish diasporas unless....unless....unless, like the likely path that 'modern man' took out of Africa (southern Ethiopia's Rift Valley don't u know...) the Ethiopian Jews were the ORIGINATORS!  

But, things get confusing with this old history...Rasta's fervently believe that Moses and Abraham were BLACK...Steel Pulse sings a wonderful song called 'Not the King James Version' that 'correctly' interprets the Bible, and they find even more evidence of Jew=Black=Jew in the Old Testament.  Go figger...but I'm sorta convinced that almost anyone can find a basis for any far out claims about history, culture and religion and civilization itself IF they base these beliefs/facts on selective readings and interpretations of biblical sources.  Give Thanks & Praises, anyway..................
Ras Henry