Sunday, June 05, 2011

Add Some Music to Your Day

Music can be a great way to lift your Spirits and improve your day.  Vital Vibes is an ever expanding collection of great music - most of which you won't find anywhere else.  There are hours of mood elevating vibes for you to enjoy. 

I have always loved music, particularly LIVE music.  I have been blessed with the great good fortune of having hundreds of wonderful live music experiences.  Being a teenager in the late 1960's was definitely a blessing for a big music fan - living near NYC also helped.  Got to see the George Harrison Bangladesh Concert and the John Lennon One to One Show.  Got to see Bob Marley & The Wailers three times - Beacon Theater, Apollo Theater and finally Madison Square Garden.  Got to see lot's of other great REGGAE shows at S.O.B.'s and other small clubs.  Early on, there was an amazing night in Greenwich Village when I saw The John Mayal Blues Band, Steve Miller Band and headliner The Grateful Dead at the Cafe Au Go Go (seated about 120 people)... Then headed to the Village Theater that was to become the Fillmore East to see the late show: Richie Havens, Chambers Brothers and headliner The Doors!  This was all in one night in 1967, I think, for a total ticket cost of about $18. Magic.

Anyway, blessed I am and the Vital Vibes continue to flow into my life.  Thanks is all I can say.  Here (at I'll share some of the great moments in music I have been lucky enough to capture.  I'll be interested to hear about your great music moments and life adventures as well.  Rock On!