Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Stuff

Up-Loaded another great bunch of concerts this weekend.
There are all nice but here are my favorites:
JGB - 2007-06-15 - River Theater Guerneville, CA (find it under J at with special guest Steve Kimock on guitar
set one
d1t01 Melvin intro
d1t02 Second That Emotion
d1t03 banter etc.
d1t04 Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox
d1t05 dead air etc.
d1t06 Money Honey
d1t07 dead air etc.
d1t08 Dear Prudence
d1t09 dead air etc.
d1t10 Let It Rock
d1t11 Mystery Train
 set two
d2t01 All Tore Up >
d2t02 That's What Love Will Make You Do
d2t03 dead air etc.
d2t04 Don't Let Go
d2t05 banter etc.
d2t06 Gomorrah >
d2t07 Brothers And Sisters
d2t08 Everybody Needs Somebody
d2t09 intros etc.

From Good Homes - Stanhope House 1998 (find it under listings starting with F at

Stanhope_House_ Stanhope_NJ_ 12_17_1998
 Disc 1: Dance a Hole Giving Tree Butterfly & the Tree Ride All Night WNTI-FM broadcast statement Everything Comes Together Bang That Drum Cold Mountain Decision Song 2nd Red Barn on the Right Kick It On Broken Road I only Want Disc 2: It's Hard to Find Where Songs Begin She's So Happy Girl From the North Country Away in the Manger Maybe We Will Into the Mystic Go Wild I am a Mess

 The last is a GREAT show by a band I was totally unaware of until I came across this show... find it under A at

  Acoustic Junction 1998-12-16 The Inferno Steamboat Springs, CO
 Set 1 ====== 1. Fisherman's Blues 2. Desire 3. Burden 4. Never Until Now 5. Think About It 6. East Side Now 7. Today We Sing The Blues 8. Do What You Do 9. Something 10. It's A Goodbye World 11. Guide My Boat 12. Oh Me, Oh My
 Set 2 ===== 1. Build A Road 2. Wooden Ships 3. High On A Mountain > 4. Where Is She Now 5. Penny For Your Thoughs 6. Bombay Bound 7. Time 8. Whereabouts Unknown 9. Poets > 10. Uncle Jed Encore ====== 11. Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie*
 * a capella Notes: Bass mix is come and go for the first song or two. A few pops are present in the drum mix during Desire.


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