Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marley and More

If you have not seen the new Bob Marley documentary film playing in a limited theater run and all over paid cable, SEE IT!  It is a wonderful film full of insight, wisdom and great music.  There have been very few people who have had as huge an impact on the world (with only 36 years to get it all done) as Bob did.  The world gives thanks for what he gave us all.

That said, we would suggest a trip over to,, or to tune-in to the sounds of a beach somewhere in Jamaica (put the headphones on, sit back and chill) then add some music to your beach visit with one of the players on the page - there's a nice all Marley mix you will enjoy.  You can adjust the volume levels to get the right balance of surf to music... Irie Mon!  Enjoy.

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