Friday, April 30, 2010

Third World on-line Rehearsal coming up May 8


At 9:00 pm on Thursday, April 29, 2010, blue and red lights illuminate the streets as Antiguan police drove ahead of Third World Band, escorting them from their hotel to Shirley Heights where they were scheduled to perform at the "Sunset From The Heights" concert, one of the many activities planned for the 43rd Annual Sailing Week.

As the bus drove into the venue, which is perched on a hill and surrounded by beautiful blue water and lush greenery, the band was ushered to the back stage area. As they walked through the crowds, fans chanted "they are here," took pictures and clamored to touch their favorite band member. Once backstage the group prepared for their performance but not before autographing beach balls, which were provided by sponsor Ocean Potion, for fans.

Now 9:45pm, it was Showtime! The lights were dimed and the silent crowd, now realizing that the band was getting ready to go on, began clapping. Opening with "Feel A Little Better," the 4000+ voices at the venue sang along. Without pause they continued as the band sang "The Spirit Lives," a tribute to the people of Haiti. Long after the cameras have left the devastated country and people have return to "business as usual," the Reggae Ambassadors continue to honor the earthquake stricken country.

As the energy and temperature rose as they performed "96 Degrees" the signed beach balls were thrown into the crowd. While that was a pleasant surprise the highlight was when lead singer, Bunny Rugs brought on stage female reggae artists Nadine Sutherland, Timberlee and D'Angel - who attended the show to support the band - to assist in singing "Try Jah Love" and "Now That We Found Love." Also backstage enjoying the music was the Minister of Tourism, John Maginley.

The band wrapped up their performance with "Moving Up," leaving their fans with these encouraging words "we're moving up, Jah Jah children dem a moving up!"

Up next, the informal online only rehearsal which will be streamed live on and on Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. EST for Caribbean and U.S. audiences, and re-broadcast May 9, 2010 at 1:00 a.m. EST for audiences in Europe and Africa.

The live-streamed broadcast will feature the worldwide premiere of the video for their new single, "The Spirit Lives," a dedication to the people of Haiti and a preview of the making of the video for single "By My Side," featuring Tessanne Chin. Fans will also get a behind the scenes look at the band's rehearsal, receive information of their upcoming performances and more. As an added bonus, the band members will interact with fans via special chat rooms. Additionally, fans will be able to enter to win an all expense paid trip to Third World's December 27, 2010 concert in Kingston, Jamaica.

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