Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Heart One World

Earth Day 2010.  Each year the sense of urgency seems to increase.  Originally, it was just a common sense, positive idea.  Now the concern seems all the more real.  It's volcanic ash - which could actually slow global warming, I guess.  Earthquake and tsunami - things we don't have much apparent control over.  Then there is coal miner deaths which combine all kinds of bad things - bad safety precautions for people harvesting a foul dirty substance that would be the most expensive energy choice if all the antidotes for its bad byproducts were included in its cost.  Then there are the people who refuse to believe our cars and waste dumping and chemicals for everything are not responsible for anything bad - it's all good!  With population growth and standard of living growth, we will make life unsustainable on the planet unless we change lots of the things we are doing.  That can be a choice or that can be a future reality we loose control over.  The balance of Nature will eliminate us from existence unless we protect that balance.  A good site to visit:

It's nice that Avatar was a big as long as a lot of the millions that saw it got the message that we are not MASTERS of the World, we are dynamically linked to everything in the world and the well being of the whole is essential to the well being of the parts.

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