Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recklessly Helping Out in LA

Rekkless Says Charity Begins At Home In the shadow of the Hollywood sign, Rekkless Taylor rap duo "D" and Rekkless Says Charity Begins At Home"Jizzle" donate clothes, food, and in honor of Jizzle's AKA "Oso", teddy bears to those seemingly forgotten sleeping in the streets of downtown LA's skid row. Also involved in benefits for Haiti, the brothers hailing from a Gary Indiana Jackson size family of nine found the number of displaced people resorting to sleeping in the streets in a city known for its wealthy disturbing and unbelievable. "This is not Haiti, but you see people living in tents, sleeping bags and cardboard at night as a last resort, turned away because the available shelters are full and they have nowhere else to go. Most disturbing are the high number of disabled and women sleeping in the streets in a society known for it's wealth. We hope to bring creative solutions by attracting a spotlight to this unbelievable problem." Taylors Do Something About It: Enlist Celebrity Friends, Set to Announce Launch of Extended Solutions "Oso", Spanish for bear and "D.O" decided to play their part by giving what they can to most help those that call downtown streets of LA home. The brothers expect to announce an expansion to their initiatives by enlisting fellow entertainment celebrities that also call Los Angeles home. "D.O", and the large frame of brother " Jizzle", AKA "Oso", matched with a big heart, named teddy bear by fans, can be seen in the downtown night leaving care bears and packages for those asleep, to inspire hope in improving their current living conditions. For interviews, contact: