Monday, March 15, 2010

An IRIE REGGAE Lifestyle’s slogan for several years has been “Get a Hit of PositiVibes at”. That slogan and basic theme sets the tone for what we will call the REGGAE Lifestyle. The mission is one of promoting the unity of all peoples with a message of peace and love combined with a realization that all is not right with the world but with belief in the power of Jah Spirit to lift us up and determination, all challenges can be set asunder! The words and music of Bob Marley and other REGGAE and World Music artists continue to inspire and raise people up in Spirit and consciousness. This “One Love” philosophy is central to the site as an editorial and content direction. Because this powerful Spirit has been so intertwined with REGGAE Music, the music has transcended race, creed and culture. From Jamaica to Japan and Ethiopia to all parts of Europe… anywhere you go, you can expect to hear the vital vibrations of REGGAE Music as it spreads upful and bright feelings like a warm glow from a tropical sunset. The music has come to be connected with good times and good feelings of people coming together in a celebration of life. It’s a REGGAE Lifestyle.

How did this REGGAE Lifestyle come to be? REGGAE Music was born in the concrete jungle of the Kingston, Jamaica slums at the same time that there was a dramatic explosion of creativity in Rock Music, other music and culture during the 60’s. With songs like The Wailers “Get Up Stand Up”, REGGAE Music quickly became a cornerstone of the rallying cry for a whole generation of teenagers and young adults moving toward the more humanistic, anti-racist, anti-establishment lifestyle that grew out of the 1960’s and early 1970’s. Reggae Music emerged as a major force in modern culture with films like “The Harder They Come”, the early top hits like Millie Small’s “My Boy Lollipop” and then the emergence of Bob Marley to the world stage in the early 1970’s. The generation that followed the pot smoking Woodstock Nation with urban street smart Punk Rockers found just as much for them as the previous generation had in the powerful lyrics and rhythms of a music that had grown out of the ghetto. A new generation of fans was conquered. Today REGGAE Music’s influence has penetrated every corner of the globe and Bob Marley is one of the most recognizable people ever to inhabit the planet. TIME Magazine picked Bob Marley’s EXODUS album as The Album of the 20th Century. Today as for the last thirty plus years, REGGAE Music is the soundtrack for college dorm rooms, backyard barbecues, pool parties and laid back clubs and bars from Tokyo to the tropics. It’s more than MUSIC, it’s a LIFESTYLE. and REGGAE mobile embrace the REGGAE Lifestyle and will be reflecting its many aspects from music and videos to exotic and fun travel adventures… Meet and Greet Artist Special Packages, Ras John Excursion Videos (short videos featuring clubs, beaches, hotels and music snippets from around the world – send us your photos, articles and short videos for us to feature), we’ll have an International calendar of events, lots to come and lots of fun – Everything Tropical, Upful and Bright supporting a positive, compassionate and IRIE partying world. is the #1 Reggae Music website averaging over 150,000 hits daily. It is your link to vital vibes, exotic destinations, cultural insight and you will always find streaming audio to give you the prefect soundtrack for vacations, parties and everyday good times. – One Love Mon!