Monday, August 08, 2005

Big UP to Neville Garrick and Happy Independance Day to JA

KINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) - An artist who designed several album covers for late reggae star Bob Marley was among a group recognized by Jamaica's government in a ceremony marking the island's independence anniversary.

Prime Minister P.J. Patterson presented Neville Garrick with his Award for Excellence on Saturday night, in honour of his contribution to Jamaican music.

"I want to say thanks to brother Bob, it was great working with you. If people would live by your words, Jamaica would be a better place," Garrick said after accepting his award in Kingston.

Garrick, a Kingston native, graduated with a degree in graphic design from the University of California at Los Angeles and later served as Marley's art director from 1976 until the singer's death in 1981.

A close confidante of the reggae legend, Garrick toured with his band, The Wailers, and designed seven of their album covers, including Rastaman Vibration and Exodus.

The well-known Jamaican producing team Sly and Robbie, Barbadian saxophonist Arturo Tappin, concert pianist Orret Rhoden and the roots-reggae group Culture also received excellence awards during celebrations to observe Jamaica's 43rd year of independence from Britain.

Sly and Robbie later performed a version of the Marley song War accompanied by Irish singer Sinead O'Connor, who recorded an album of reggae covers in Jamaica earlier this year.

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