Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute

Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute - Flamingo Beach, Falmouth P.O., Trelawny Telephone 876-327-9991 e-mail:

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Re: The Reggae Walk of Fame Offer of Partnership.
Our Reggae Ambassadors use the Official Music to make our Jamaica the One Love Island and in recognition, the Reggae Walk of Fame committee will induct one or two ambassadors each month.

The Courtleigh Theatre in New Kingston lends itself as the ideal venue for monthly induction ceremonies for our Reggae personalities on the Reggae walk of Fame which will be seen on Reggae Sun TV locally and on the internet on and on

The Reggae Walk of Fame which will be located at the Bob Marley School for the Arts Institute on Flamingo Beach in Trelawny as an attraction for visitors. The Bob School will offer tuition assisted education in arts.

Artiste Management, PRO, Events Manager, Radio & TV Manager, please accept our offer of partnership and give it a favourable response, seen?

One love

Astor Black

Ras Astor Black

Founder/Chairman of the Board

“One love” Song of the millennium “Exodus” Album of the century

These are unprecedented honours for the Son of a small Island
– Mrs. Pat Frances, President, JAMPRO


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