Monday, July 19, 2004

Unique and Other-Worldly Reggae World Music Mix

BamJimba - I Love (a worthy addition to your music collection)

On first listen, we were not sure what to make of this CD but it really grows in appeal and power with each listen like lots of good Dub discs. It's an instrumental, DUB oriented mix of tracks that are unique and inventive. There is definitely some application for the Club Scene in these tracks as well. Plus, it is helping raise money for a good cause. Get it and give it a few spins - it's a jam in the Name of The Lord so you will find it nourishing. - Ras John.

BamJimba is "a one-man band comprising about twenty musicians and one brilliant producer / engineer!", a description that might cause some confusion as this seemingly isn't very logical. BamJimba actually is a one-shot project, organized specifically to produce an album titled "I Love", which is a tribute to the late reggae promoter Papa Wade McKinney. All the musicians involved have given their time and talent for free, so that all proceeds can go to the Sickle Cell Society.

Papa Wade was a true rastaman, full of faith and courage. He was a writer, broadcaster, musician, and relentless reggae promoter. From the Carribean he settled in New Providence, Bahamas. Latterly he organised the Z.N.S. Entertainment Jam, a radio programme and festival of music. He died from Sickle Cell Disorder complications in November 1999.

What's S.C.D.?Sickle Cell Disorders are a group of genetic diseases that affect the red blood cells of people with the condition. They can cause bouts of extreme pain and can cause permanent damage to many different organs.

The Sickle Cell Society was first set up as a registered charity in 1979. It was formed by a group of patients, parents and health professionals who were all concerned about the lack of understanding and the inadequacy of treatment for sufferers of sickle cell disorders in the UK. Their vision is to be the most successful sickle cell organisation in the UK with a wide network of well-informed, committed and active supporters working at local, national and international levels. Then they will be better able to empower and assist people with sickle cell disorders to achieve their full economic and social potential.

More information about the Sickle Cell Society can be found on their website : Sickle Cell Society

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Photo & Text courtesy of Bamjimba & Sickle Cell Society.

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