Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ras John's Blog Begins

Greetings to I and I and may Jah Blessings fill your life! Here at Ras John's REGGAE.com BLOG we will share ideas that will hopefully provide Blessings for your Life. We'll also update you on REGGAE News and Events. To start, here are some words to Bless eash of your days.

A Daily Affirmation for your Path of Power

I am a warrior of Spirit.
I exist in a world of sacred balance.
I balance with one foot in the physical world
of material substance,
and one foot in the dimensions of spirit and sacred life.
My course is set by my ally - the winds of time.
Mother Earth gives me life force -
the life blood of my sacred body.

The plants give me nourishment and healing
as I ride the windhorse of my intent -
my sacred warrior's transport of buoyant joy -
into a new and unknown world of harmony.
I am truly a new warrior,
a spirit being of light.

My weapons are the shields of awareness,
the symbols of ancient truth.
Like the angels that surround me,
few see me for who I really am.
People learn from me through example,
because of the integrity of my own life and spirit.

I move into the world with confidence and wisdom.
I am always open and learning tools of knowledge,
and I share these tools with my sisters and brothers.
I am a warrior of the light,
and I live the integrity of that with pure goodness -
the embodiment of the peaceful soul.
I walk with confidence
the path of heart and personal power.

One Love, Ras John

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