Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alejandro Escovedo at The Continental Club in Austin, TX

A New Top Pick  - you will like this show!



Source: soundboard

1. This Bed Is Getting Crowded
2. Anchor
3. Tender Heart
4. Chelsea Hotel '78
5. My Name Is Horizontal
6. Too Many Tears*
7. Sister Lost Soul
8. Sensitive Boys-> Band Intros
9. Castanets
10. Miss You
11. Beast Of Burden

*New song played especially for this show.

This show is particularly meaningful as the performance was only 4 days after Mike’s wife Lajuan passed away after a very short, and a very brave, battle with cancer.  As you’ll hear, Alejandro dedicates “Sister Lost Soul” and “Sensitive Boys” to Mike and his daughter, Jenny.  Both Mike and Jenny were at the show, surrounded by the love of friends and their “Austin family”.

At the beginning of “Sister Lost Soul”, Alejandro starts the song and then has to stop briefly to compose himself before starting the song again.  Alejandro was best man when Mike and Lajuan were married on the banks of the Blanco River in Wimberley TX.

As with nearly every performance, Alejandro and Boys play with a tremendous amount of energy and emotion.  This night, however, must have been a difficult night for everyone involved.  The intensity of the performance is quite evident from the very moment the band hits the stage.

It was recorded by Big Ben Richardson.  Big Ben works sound at The Continental Club in addition to being Alejandro’s tour manager.  He also does FOH sound for all of their road shows when not touring with his own band “Grady.”

The linage would therefore be something like soundboard>unknown>cdr>foobar>flac (level 5).  I used Trader’s Little Helper to create the checksums and torrent.

Thanks as always to Mike for the recordings and for all he does for us!

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