Saturday, August 28, 2010

Reggae World International, a ning international web-based community, now accessible through URL

Reggae World International (RWI) is an international community of Reggae Music artists, fans and music industry professionals with members from over 40 different countries.  Founder, Rasjohnmon, stated “a big obstacle for us was the long URL address – – our new community entrance at really simplifies things for members and visitors.”  This change is of great importance in the marketing of the community.

Ning is an online platform for people to create their own social networks, launched in October 2005.   Ning was co-founded by Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini. Ning is Andreessen's third company (after Netscape and Opsware). The word "Ning" is Chinese for "peace" (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: níng), as explained by Gina Bianchini on the company blog.  “The RWI ning community is “livicated” to spreading a positive message of peace and unity among all people, a nurturing Spirit for the planet and all its creatures.  RWI is an international community of peaceful warriors linked by a passion for life, love and REGGAE Music!” explained Rasjohnmon when asked about the objectives of the community.

The RWI website is free for members.  Each member is provided with easy to use tools to create their own custom web page within the community.  The options available are considerably greater than other social networks.  Members can publish videos, graphics, event listings, blog postings and their own advertising and interactive apps.  Options exist for each member to create their own merchandise store, games and even have their own internet radio program.  One of the founding members John Brodie commented, “The ning platform is definitely the most dynamic social networking option where all members have the opportunity to be creators of a very interactive and powerful web experience.”

John Brodie produced a short video to promote the community and their “long” URL address prior to the new option of going to  The video can be accessed on YouTube at .  The RWI site is in its early growth stage and will be expanding rapidly as new members bring access to travel, specialty foods, new music releases from around the world, support for new and unsigned artists and a wealth of music industry contacts and expertise.   For more information, visit the site at or email

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