Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rough on the Surface

It really hits you when you have spent a few weeks traveling and enjoying the beauty of this world to come back to ordinary reality. By ordinary reality I don't mean what is really real, just what most everyone thinks is real. Tossed and turned by the wind, waves, current and storms constantly churning at the surface of the sea.

Some people have big powerful ships that insulate them from all but the big storms. Others have less bold and brash boats but still travel in reasonable comfort and assurance of getting through the day without drownling. Saddly, a lot of people float around in small, fragile boats and all too many cling to life rafts just trying to stay afloat.

Then there are the ones not dependent on the size or power of the boat - they have become master seamen who are one with the sea and neither fight or embrace it - they just live it moment by moment anticipating the changing forces and accepting each storm as a test of skill and joyfully soak in the energy of the bright sunny days with equal involvement.

You can extend the metaphor in all directions and you will still find the parallels and maybe some insights into life at the surface of life. You are at the helm of your ship - plot a bold and life embrassing course!

The surface is only a very small part of what is here of course.