Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Uganda: Celebrating Bob Marley's Birthday

February 11, 2007Posted to the web February 12, 2007

THE Tuff Gong reggae theme night at Ange Noir discotheque has not only made one year, but also a mark as the biggest reggae night on the entertainment scene. Jamaica and the UK bowed down and came to Kampala last Saturday to celebrate the Tuff Gong night.
And since Bob Marley is credited to be the father of reggae music, icon of Rastafarianism, prophet and angel of life, his music took centre stage.

And what comes off better than a collection of internationally recognised reggae artistes from Jamaica and the UK playing Bob Marley's music? Aswald's Brinsley Holns passionately mastered the lyrics and vocals to the mark and when he nearly lost his voice after singing 12 songs, it was not a surprise. The biggest surprise was when an excited Jamaican reggae veteran, Matic Holns' Henry "Buttons" Tenyue, blew the trombone during the Jeckaki band session, cementing the "one love" reggae theme.

For the uninitiated, there were lessons to learn. Like what to reply when someone says "Jah!" and how to chorus "Yes Rasta!" The ladies, who turned up in the bright Rastafarian colours, red, green and yellow, were optic nutrition.

The dancehall duo of Peter Miles and Mesha were explosive. And Bebe Cool's Pan-Africanism was noticed when he performed his new song, In Prison for no reason, that echoes the trials of African great men like Nelson Mandela.

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