Thursday, March 16, 2006

Court Move for Bob Marley Royalties

The Press Association Thursday March 16, 08:34 AM

Bob Marley's bass player Aston Barrett is beginning a High Court battle for a multi-million pound slice of the late Reggae legend's royalties.

Aston is one of several musicians who worked with the Jamaican star and who have been involved in courtroom claims since Marley died without making a will in 1981.

There was a settlement in 1994 between various members of Marley's backing band, the Wailers, and record companies after years of litigation in Jamaica, America and Britain.

But now Aston, on behalf of himself and his drummer brother Carlton, who was murdered in 1986, is claiming a partnership agreement with Marley, copyright in six songs and royalties from recording contracts in 1974 and 1975.

These were the years when singer-songwriter Marley recorded some of his greatest albums which still have worldwide appeal.

Aston went ahead with the action after the High Court refused an application by Universal-Island Records and UMG Recordings in 2003 to have the claim struck out as an abuse of process of the courts or because the musician had already accepted a settlement.

The bass player, now in his 60s and father to 52 children, could receive a payment of up to £60 million if successful.

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