Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Help JAM FREE-UP the Trench Town Experience

Rastafari Family,

Help JAM FREE-UP the Trench Town experience so it can start the flow of love, again, from Back-a-wall to the world.

I, Ras Astor Black, Ras-pectfully request your assistance in reaching out to the Rastafari Entertainers and Rastafari Family giving I the opportunity to speak as the Member of Parliament for Western Kingston. Rastafari must have a voice in their parliament to continue the good work of our brother Bob Marley.

On April 13th the JAM symbol on the ballot will be the HEART. Most Jamaicans today say they are Rastafari in the HEART and with that at HEART, I man would love to see the People of Western Kingston vote for the people of Jamaica with their HEART.

To contribute from the HEART to the Love’N Jamaica Campaign, please send or deposit some funds in the Rastafari Affinity Account number 10134860 (JNBS MoBay Branch) or any Jamaica National Building Society in Jamaica.

For more information call: Ras Astor Black, President, Jamaica Alliance Movement

Thanks from the HEART

Ras Astor Black

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