Friday, December 03, 2004

Make no mistake, Sizzla ain’t no Rasta, he’s an Imposta.

Have you heard of Sizzla? With such album titles as “Words of Truth” and “Rastafari Teach I Everything” you might think some words of wisdom and a righteous message would fill his music. Unfortunately, he has shown himself to be nothing more than an unenlightened thug. Here’s an excerpt from a London newspaper:

(London) A reggae performer whose music advocates killing gays says he has nothing to apologize for, instead claiming it is gays who must beg forgiveness. "They can't ask me to apologize," Sizzla told BBC radio on Thursday. "They've got to apologize to God because they break God's law." Sizzla, whose real name is Miguel Collins, is one of the largest selling reggae artists in the UK. His hit tune Pump Up has the line “Shot battybwoy, my big gun boom (Shoot queers, my big gun goes boom)”. He has consistently refused calls for an apology and continues to perform the song.

Make no mistake, Sizzla ain’t no Rasta, he’s an imposta.

Let’s get one thing straight - this is not about whether gays are breaking God’s Law or not - it is about another loser claiming God as his authority to promote a philosophy of hate. Sizzla is no different than a turd in the KKK or some neo-nazi. God will do a perfect job at dealing out rewards and penalties for breaking his Law. Anyone espousing a philosophy of hate needs to be rejected and condemned for the false message they carry. It is a shame – Sizzla has produced some great music but now we can only be embarrassed by him and regret that his ego has led him so far from righteousness.

Let's teach compassion to the world. Let's teach understanding. Let's teach Forgiveness - we should even forgive Sizzla for his lack of conciousness but we should never let it go unchallenged.

One Love,
Ras John


Ederson said...

BRASIL ------> <------- comentt....

Jah Bless!!!

Vanessa Bramwell said...

~I personnally dont agree with what was said about sizzla, but , at the end of the day everyone has a right to thier own opinions. I dont think homosexuality is right. But at the end of the day seven brothers seven different minds

Psycho said...

Sizzla's music no matter what people said is very good, at the end what matters is the music, no matter the genre.