Monday, October 25, 2004 Sponsors Talking Computer Program to Endorse John Kerry for President

October 21, 2004 -, one of the leading music websites on the Internet and a top Reggae Music location since 1995, has taken a political stance for the first time. The organization has a history of supporting environmental action groups and relief efforts around the world but has never endorsed a political candidate. This week marks a change in that policy with the endorsement of John Kerry for President of the United States.

A front page concert photo of Bob Marley and The Wailers at Madison Square Garden has been replaced with the statement “After four years of wrong choices by the Bush administration, if you are eligible, please vote for a change: VOTE FOR JOHN KERRY” and a link to the wesite. A recent BLOG entry stated: “ has never endorsed any political candidates but a change in the status quo is essential in the U.S. - we urge you to get registered and VOTE for John Kerry for the next President of The United States. To support the cause, has sponsored a John Kerry for President Special Edition of the Cool C Interactive Speech Software™. A link to a FREE download for Windows XP users can be found on the main page of the site. Also, BE SURE TO GET OUT AND VOTE!

The free Cool C™ John Kerry for President Special Edition of Cool Conversations Interactive Talking Computer software was originally offer on c/net’s where several thousand copies were distributed. A reduced function demo version is currently available from but has sponsored release of a full version of the basic edition of the Cool C program in this special configuration. The program works in conjunction with the Microsoft Speech Engine 5.1 which is included in Windows XP. Once installed, the Cool C talking computer program allows users to have conversations with their computers – in this case, they are able to learn about many of John Kerry’s position on issue from economics to the war in Iraq simply by asking a question. The program also comes with a second database filled with trivia, jokes and historical information to broaden the computers speaking capabilities. Users are also given the ability to make their own additions to the conversation database.

A statement issued by indicated that they are sponsoring the distribution of the free John Kerry Special Edition in the hopes of attracting the interest (and votes) of individuals who have not previously been politically involved. With this unique interactive software users also get an exclusive “broadcast” delivery system. The Cool C program retrieves “broadcast” announcements taken from information distributed by organizations such as and These messages are delivered verbally by each of the computers running the Cool Conversations program. The program also includes a verbal “Reminder” system. plans on distributing a version of the program that will actually speak some Jamaican Patois along with the American English used by the Special John Kerry Edition. “This is the future… Cool Conversations has demonstrated how far speech recognition has come and is clearly setting the standard for the future” said a spokesperson. For more information, visit or

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